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We strive to make your dunk tank rental experience as easy and fun as possible.  Right from our office staff helping you place your booking, to our warehouse staff making sure your tank is clean and ready to go, to our delivery staff bringing the fun right to your door, we all work together to make it easy for you. 

We love dunk tanks and we think you should too!

Give us a call today to book your dunk tank.


Check our faqs section below for even more info.

  • How much does a dunk tank cost?
    Our traditional 500 gallon dunk tanks cost $395 for a day rental. We offer delivery, setup and pick up for a small additional fee. Ask about our weekend and multi day specials. Our Beat the Bucket game rate is $250 for a day rental. This is a customer pick up item and fits in any pickup truck. Set up is very easy and we show you everything you need to know at pick up. If you would like delivery of your Beat the Bucket game, we can provide delivery. Give us a call for details.
  • How much water does it take and who fills it?
    The 500 gallon traditional tanks must be filled on site and it is the customer's responsibility. Either a garden hose is required, or you can have a water truck brought in if the location is not close to a hose bib. Please allow 45 to 60 minutes for your tank to fill if using a garden hose. The Beat the Bucket game needs a garden hose hook up for it's water supply and should be set up close to a hose bib. Customer to supply the garden hose, or if needed, we have 25' garden hoses available for rent.
  • If I pick up my dunk tank or Beat the Bucket game, are they hard to set up?"
    Not at all. Both the Beat the Bucket games and the dunk tanks are very easy to set up and use. Our staff will provide a full demonstration and make sure all your questions are answered before we send you on your way.
  • Is a dunk tank safe?
    Yes, we believe our dunk tanks are safe. There is some risk in everything, but we have never had an injury or accident with a dunk tank rental. We do our very best to keep the tanks clean and well maintained. Our staff will explain safe operation of the dunk tank and will be sure you understand how to use it safely. Please note that participants in the large traditional style dunk tanks must be 18 years of age or older.
  • What if I live out of town?
    No problem. We regularly send our delivery trucks to out of town events. A delivery charge will apply. Give us a call to discuss delivery to your location.
  • Got more questions?
    Give us a call at 780-406-6332, or send us an email at and we are happy to help.
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