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Our Dunk Tanks

Whether you decide the classic large dunk tank is right for your event, or if the interactive bucket dump style dunk tank is for you, we have you covered.  Safety is always at the top of our list so we make sure every dunk tank or bucket game is safe, clean and well maintained to ensure your dunk tank rental is safe, fun and trouble free.  When you are ready to book your dunk tank rental give us a call or contact us with your event date.  


The Classic 

Dunk Tank

500 gallons of fun!  The classic dunk tank rental is always a hit.  The best choice for a fundraising event.  Your rental includes the dunk tank and three balls.  We can take care of the delivery, set up and pick up for you, a delivery charge may apply.  

Customer pick up is also available.

$395 for the day.

Beat the Bucket

Quite possibly the most fun dunking game ever.  Instead of dunking the same person, take turns getting "dunked" as an overhead bucket of water dumps on you.  Unlike a traditional dunk tank, the "dunkee" tries to defend himself by blocking the throw with the blocking arm.  Easily hooks up to a standard garden hose and dumps a bucket of fresh water every time.  Completely automated, it refills automatically for the next "dunkee".  Tons of fun!  Don't miss clicking on the video link below.

Customer pick up, or delivery

is available at an additional cost.

$225 for the day.

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